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Immigration Election 2016: The Whole Picture

Ever since Donald Trump joined the presidential race, his controversial comments on illegal immigrants, Hispanic immigrants in particular, have drawn heavy attention. He has made the issue of immigration an election 2016 must. While he is considered controversial in his own right, some say that he might, in effect, be pulling the Republican name down […]

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Martin O’Malley: Underdog of the 2016 Election

Compared to the long and complicated line-up of Republican presidential hopefuls, the Democrat side is relatively unpopulated. Hillary Clinton is still the most-favored Democratic candidate, scoring an average of 49.3% in the polls. First runner-up is Bernie Sanders, behind by 25.5% at 23.8%. Second runner-up, and still doggedly in the running, is Martin O’Malley at 2.3%. Martin O’Malley, […]

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POTUS 2016 and the Power of Social Media: Is Social Media the Campaign Platform of the Future?

Hillary Clinton’s stand on immigration, Jeb Bush’s opinion on foreign policy, Donald Trump’s plans for the economy–all of these comprise the discussions on policy issues being bandied about by news networks. However, with the decreasing viewership of traditional media, and the increasing use of social media, the general reach and connection of a presidential hopeful […]

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Hillary Clinton to Announce Next Month

There are multiple sources, in the form of Democratic donors, that have confirmed that Hillary Clinton plans to announce her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination in April. The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary decided on the move to diminish uncertainties and boost fundraising. Where Clinton had originally expected to put off the announcement until summer, supporters were […]

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New Jersey 2016 Throw Down: Clinton vs Christie

In a recent poll, published by the Eagleton Institute of Politics, not so surprising results were released that in a hypothetical election, Hillary Clinton would beat New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by double digits. This mirrors similar results that were released in a Quinnipiac University poll in October. I’m not saying that this means that Chris Christie […]

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