Jim Webb 2016

Jim Webb to Examine a 2016 Run

I was just saying that there wasn’t much news for democrats running for the 2016 election, then Jim Webb stepped up to the plate. On November 19th, Jim Webb published his new campaign website Webb2016.com and commented in a video that:

“I have decided to launch an exploratory committee to examine whether I should run for president in 2016.”


Jim Webb 2016

If nothing else, Jim Webb is a great example of a public servant. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, Webb served in the Marines and became a decorated Vietnam vet. He served briefly as the United States Secretary of the Navy, under President Ronald Reagan. After graduating with a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown Law, he served as a pro-bono lawyer for veterans.

Taking off time to work as an author, Webb published several, best-selling books.

In the 2006 Senate election, Webb defeated incumbent George Allen and served as a Virginia State Senator until 2013.

Some people believe that his article, entitled Women Can’t Fight, played a major impact on the 2008 election when the Democratic primary came down to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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