The Media and Political Climate: The Executive Order Overtakes the Bill

There was a time–during the last six years–when the media would say nothing bad about our current president. A time in which some claimed that the media was using Jedi mind tricks to persuade the public and others believed that the media was too tough on President Obama. To a certain degree, I believe that the President of the United States of America should be treated with respect–no matter what your party affiliation may be. However, a video published by Saturday Night Live took one of my childhood memories, School House Rock’s I’m Just a Bill, and put a spin on how Executive Orders have taken the way of passing bills.

I have to say, I agree with the truths that the videos touch on.

There is a point in which the defeated bill states “look at the midterm election, people don’t clearly don’t want this…” (The bill is then kicked down a flight of stairs by President Barack Obama.)

Capitol Hill Cold Open - Saturday Night Live

I wholeheartedly agree. When looking at the midterm elections, both in Congress and with the gubernatorial elections, it looks as if the public is sliding back to center (or to the right).Unless the democratic candidate for the 2016 election distances his or herself from Barack Obama, I fear that the party will not stand a chance.

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