Scott Walker 2016: College Dropout for Prez?

Scott Walker Potus 2016“People want new, fresh leadership with big, bold ideas, and the courage to act on it.” Could it be Scott Walker 2016? Could it be that Walker is the name to watch out for in guiding the future of the United States in 2016? Admirably, Scott Walkers’ history in politics tells us that this man, no doubt, walks the talk. But does he have what it takes to run or even win the presidential race for 2016?

There is no doubt that he is one of the leading names for the Republican primaries over the past few months. Still, the nagging question remains: will his popularity soar high and get him into what many believe is the rightful spot?

Scott Walker told the Washington Post, in 2013, that his view regarding American government was as follows: “Like most Americans, I think government is too big and too expansive, but a government that is necessary should work – and work well”. This 47-year-old Republican politician hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has served two terms as the 45th governor of Wisconsin. He is a top Republican contender for the presidential primaries and we expect to see him make a major play for POTUS 2016.

Known by many growing up as “Preacher’s Kid,” Walker is a well-known son of a Baptist minister, has been reared, taught, and trained to do what is good and honest in order to uphold and protect the family name. Born a natural politician, Walker became engage in politics at a very young age. In fact, on his prom night, he and his date, together with a group of friends, preferred to stay up late discussing politics. In his Marquette yearbook, there is recorded an interview in which he stated, “I really think there’s a reason why God put all these political thoughts in my head.” He was a high-profile student who tried his luck as student body president back in college but lost to John Quigley, a liberal from Chicago. This did not seem to stop Walker from his political pursuits. The indifferent yet ambitious young adult from Marquette turned his political dreams into reality.

This college dropout turned politician had high ideals of running the government. He ran for the State Assembly seat in 1990 against Gwen Moore but lost. He was only 22 at the time. After three years, he decided to run again for a local state assembly and he was successful. He was appointed by Governor Tommy Thompson as Head on Criminal Justice and Chairman of the Election and Rules Committee. He is the type of person who always has something to say and has that knack of impeccable timing and delivery. As colleague Scott Jensen would put it, “He’s the kind of guy you can wake up at three a.m. and ask him a question, and he’ll have a nice sound bite for you”. In addition, Charlie Sykes quipped “He is probably as media savvy as any politician we’ve ever dealt with here in Wisconsin”. Needless to say, he’s going to be a large media figure for the 2016 Elections.

Scott Walker is a conservative who is pro-life and has high regard for equal rights and opportunities for both work and education. Below are his strong driving points included in his platform for 2016.

scott walker 2016

On Immigration and National Security

He has been facing criticism on his deviating views with regard to immigration but said it’s ridiculous that critics would call him a “flip-flopper.” Further, he states that “I think people want strong leaders and they want leaders that listen to the people.” He declared strong opposition against amnesty for undocumented immigrants. He stressed that “I think anywhere and everywhere, we have to go beyond just aggressive air strikes. We have to look at other surgical methods. And ultimately, we have to be prepared to put boots on the ground if that’s what it takes.” He is unfazed and even open to expressing criticism against President Barack Obama’s methods on ensuring national security. He said on the local level, everything is pretty stable and set on high standards. The problem is apparent though within the national level. He further contested that “We’ve got a president that draws a line in the sand and somehow allows people to cross it.”]

On Abortion

He is a proud pro-lifer as he safeguards the health and welfare of women and children (even the unborn). In his letter to the Wisconsin Family Action, he stated that he has aggressively put a halt on funding for abortion providers.He has subsequently passed a legislation which provided more information and healthcare protection options for women who wanted an abortion. He also required ultrasounds to be done before undergoing abortions. He is bound to sign a 20-week bill ban on abortion when it reached his desk which further strengthens his claim on his stand on the protection of both mother and children. There are issues though on his stand being more of pro-choice than pro-life because of mixed views on abortion; but he says that he cannot do anything about the existing law and is focused more on national security as well as economic and financial issues that are seen as pressing than the latter.

On Labor Laws

Scott Walker potusAs a former McDonald’s crew member who flipped burgers and ran tables, he has great empathy and support for the labor force. Walker sponsored the right-to-work legislation and is keen on making this a law. He is not into minimum wage increases though as he thinks this will not help the state and local economy but believes that efforts must be focused on improving the skills and expertise of workers to help them get hired in better-paying jobs. He believes in teaching people how to fish than just mere spoon-feeding.

“I wouldn’t bet against me or anything.” That’s what a beaming Scott Walker told Martha Raddats, host of “This Week” show on ABC. I wouldn’t argue either. He knows he has what it takes and it’s not just the vanity or the boy-next-door look that makes his confidence soar high – he’s got the aptitude, skills, resilience, and the striking contrast against competition that creates Scott Walker’s trailblazing lead in the presidential race.

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