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A Republican Brokered Convention?

Amid suggestions of a possible brokered convention, according to the latest NBC News/SurveyMonkey Tracking poll, Donald Trump currently holds 48% of the registered Republican and Republican-tending crowd. The number is just shy of a total majority, 21 points higher than the following of Ted Cruz (27%). He is also 30 points higher than the group following the […]

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What Did the 2016 New Hampshire Primary Tell Us?

The New Hampshire Primary is the first state primary to be conducted, by state law. This primary, along with the Iowa caucus, sets the tone for the rest of the state primaries and caucuses. This is illustrated by the fact that the Iowa caucus resulted in four candidates dropping out. One was GOP candidate Mike Huckabee, […]

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What Is The Iowa Caucus?

Compared to what is coming this 2016, the 2015 presidential campaigns were calm and peaceful. The presidential candidates have faced debates, going head-to-head with one another on national television. They have been watching unofficial poll numbers rise and fall month by month. However, this February, they will face the very first official state decision on […]

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270 Win: How Are The Swing States Swinging?

Given the new developments (Biden’s drop out, the Paris terror attacks), how are the swing states swinging? Trump is still on a poll high, Cruz is rising, and Bernie Sanders is building support, although still trailing behind Hillary Clinton. Who will catch the 270 win from the swing states? The Swing States Colorado—9 Electoral Votes/270 […]

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Response to the Paris Terror Attacks

Up until November 15, foreign policy was more of an addendum to the presidential hopefuls’ policy platforms. Besides the question of immigration, the presidential candidates were sticking close to home and the economy. Then, on Saturday night, 6 simultaneous terrorist attacks exploded in Paris They killed at least 129 and injured hundreds of others. The […]

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