Democratic and Republican Candidates for 2016 Presidential Election

Candidates for 2016

While it is a long time before the official list of candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election will be released, there are those that are beginning to speculate. The follow list, from 2016 Election Central, provides some of the names to look for in the following months as the election gets closer. The first list are those that this organization believes will be contenders for the Democratic ticket.


As far as everyone is concerned for the Democratic primaries, it seems as if the public is banking on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidate for 2016. The news outlets have tapped Hillary Clinton and the political bloggers have zeroed in on her. The only thing left is for the party to announce what we all know to come.

It is easy to tell, by looking at the list below, that the Republican ticket will lead to an interesting primary race. It’s funny, because last I heard, Mitt Romney was going to be the front-runner for the Republican Party; however, he isn’t even mentioned on this list as a candidate for 2016. It will be an interesting primary indeed…


This list of candidates for 2016 has me REALLY excited! Let the rat race begin!


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