Democrats for 2016 Presidential Election

Where are all the Democrats?

democrats-no-obamaI spend a lot of time reading newspaper headline, researching through political papers, and perusing .org websites (for fun polls and studies), looking for information pertaining to the 2016 election. The one question I found myself asking, was: “Where have all the democrats gone?”

I’m not talking about all those that have spent millions of dollars in advertising to cut ties with Obama. Although I found that particularly interesting…

I’m talking about in my Google new feed.

All day long, I see articles about Republicans rumored to be lining their ducks in a row for the Presidential Primaries; however, not so much as a peep from the Democratic Party–that is, with the exception of Hillary Clinton. From the best I can tell, it is going to be Hillary Clinton 2016 for the Democrats. Over at, a poll was taken in March (I know that’s sort of old), but the information shown supports my theory. The Decmocrats are putting all the eggs in their Hillary basket.

If you look at the poll on their site, it shows the majority of voters choosing Hillary Clinton to represent the Democrats for the 2016 Presidential Election. However, looking at the Republicans, it is truly anyone’s game.

Democrats-for-2016-Presidential-ElectionAs the rumor mills start to churn and the mud starts being slung, the Democrats may have wished that they hadn’t put all their support behind Hillary. That being said, I am not a professional political analyst or have any inside information…so your guess is as good as mine. Until then, I’ll keep my ears open for potential Democrats for 2016 Presidential Election.


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