The First Presidential Campaign Ad of 2016

They’ve started! Although Jeb Bush has not officially announced that he is running for president in the 2016 POUTS election, he has released the first presidential campaign ad for the 2016 election. This radio ad was less in support of Jeb Bush, but an attack against (what appears to be the destined) Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. Against Hillary Clinton, referring to “one failed foreign policy after another.” Click here to listen to the ad.


A Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released on February 3, 2015, shows Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton neck and neck in the battleground state of Florida. As close as it is, I’m not really surprised to see the first (of many) presidential campaign ad.



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In 2004, I was one of the small numbers of Seniors, at my high school, that were of voting age. I did no research on either of the candidates, and the reason I voted for whom I did was ridiculous. I wasn't made aware of the issues, and I didn't bother to look them up. I hope, with this site, to offer unbiased guidance for those looking to get the facts of the candidates and their policies.