GOP Midterm Election is Shaping the 2016 Race

There was never a question of whether or not the 2014 midterm elections would affect the 2016 Presidential Election; however, it was all over the headlines today. An article from StarTribune had the headline: GOP’s midterm election rout helping shape 2016 presidential contest; Huffington Post released an article today entitled: Here’s How The GOP’s Midterm Victories Are Shaping The 2016 Presidential Race; and Newser claims: Speeding toward 2016: GOP’s midterm election rout helping shape upcoming presidential contest.

gop-midterm-electionsNone of this seems like news to me. We all knew that the election would have bearing on the 2016 election. If nothing else, the Democratic Party should see this as foreshadowing that their time is over. It happens every few decades–one party loosens their grasp on both the House and Senate, and Oval office, and the other party gets their shot at the wheel again.

What I do fear, however, is that these midterm election results will take Hillary Clinton out of the game. An excerpt from the aforementioned Huffington Post article had the following to say regarding Hillary Clinton and the midterm elections:

Republicans successfully tied Democratic candidates to President Barack Obama at every turn, winning Senate races in Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina, usually competitive states in presidential elections. Even before polls closed, ambitious GOP began casting Democrats’ struggles as a referendum on Clinton as well as Obama.

“In many ways, she was the big loser on Tuesday because she embodies everything that’s wrong with Washington,” Walker told NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, echoing the attacks of his ambitious GOP colleagues in recent days.

I don’t think in any way that we have heard the last of Hillary Clinton, but where I once thought she was the obvious front runner for the Democratic Party, it has now become more of a toss up.

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