How will the FBI not Indicting Hillary Clinton Effect the 2016 Election?

FBI Director James Comey lashed out at Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her aides, stating that they were “extremely careless” but would that he would not endorse any charges against her in regards to her unauthorized use of private or unclassified email servers while holding a government post as Secretary of State.

“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”


Comey further mentioned that Clinton should have known better that sensitive or classified information should not be handled in private email servers. FBI was tasked to examine if whether or not Clinton or her colleagues mismanaged classified information in a grossly negligent or intentional manner.

“Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” the FBI Director announced to the media at Washington Theater after doing a quite an extensive recap of the investigation in an effort to safeguard the integrity of FBI in a politically provocative atmosphere.

FBI not indicting Hillary Clinton purposively removes the shadow of threat in Clinton’s campaign for the presidential seat. Comey’s blunt disapproval though of Clinton’s conduct gave her political nemeses more reasons to attack her honesty, character, and transparency; which happens to be her sublime weaknesses.


Comey made this announcement regarding FBI findings roughly over two hours before Democratic bet Clinton went aboard Air Force One to attend her first campaign event together with President Barack Obama. He also made clear that the Justice Department and White House did not have the slightest idea of what he was about to say. This is as if recanting that there’s no political pressure that clouded the results of the investigation.

On the flipside, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest remarked that the White House still has not issued an official statement in response to FBI’s recent announcement. Additionally, he says the case is still active and is now in the rendered into the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice.

When asked with their reaction to the FBI Director’s issued statement, spokesman Brian Fallon said that they were relieved and satisfied altogether that career officials who are tasked to handle the case recommended no further legal action from FBI.

Further, Fallon stated that “As the secretary has long said, it was a mistake to use her personal email and she would not do it again. We are glad that this matter is now resolved.”

Republican nominee however took on to social media to air out his disapproval with the finding. “Very very unfair! As usual, bad judgment,” said Trump in a tweet.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said that “No one should be above the law, but based upon the director’s own statement, it appears damage is being done to the rule of law. Declining to prosecute Secretary Clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information will set a terrible precedent.”

Chairman Reince Priebus of the Republican National Committee could not agree more and slammed FBI’s findings in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room”. “I certainly don’t understand how you describe a textbook definition of gross negligence, and you have case after case after case of soldiers and other military personnel being kicked out of the military … for things that are far less egregious than what Hillary Clinton did.”

Comey pointed out that there was no intent on Clinton’s part to cover up but was purely unintentional on her part.  He also stressed that the investigations had no “halo effect” and was reliable, independent, impartial, and free from any external political influences.

Hillary Clinton’s recent involvement with using her private email for government transactions could make voters think twice on casting their votes for her although some political analysts think that the dramatic turn of events especially with the findings of FBI could work to her advantage. It is said that ignorance of the law excuses no one – synonymous with that of recklessness or carelessness. Voters be the final judge on this case.

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